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George Lansbury Memorial Lecture

Refugee Policy...

A memorable George Lansbury Memorial Lecture took place on the evening of Thursday 16 November at the LSE Library. Labour politician Lord Alfred Dubbs spoke on the topic Refugees: Britain's response and the global situation.

Such was the topicality of the subject that I believe Lord Dubbs was busy with his pencil and eraser on the tube journey to the LSE - supreme court rulings, ministerial sackings and appointments together with attempts to resurrect a disgusting and disingenuous immigration policy all combined to give us, and Lord Dubbs, plenty of food for thought.

It was most refreshing to hear from a politician capable of distinguishing truth from fiction, reality from fantasy and capable of recognising the need to meet the basic humanitarian requirements of individuals in circumstances that many of us are incapable of even imagining. 


To view the lecture on YouTube:


The George Lansbury Memorial Trust was founded in 2012 to commemorate the life, work and legacy of George Lansbury (1859–1940). A pioneering campaigner for peace, women’s rights, local democracy and improvements in labour conditions, Lansbury was an adopted East Ender who made a great contribution to local as well as national life.

George Lansbury, MP for Bow & Bromley, led the Labour Party from 1932–1935 and spent his political life campaigning for social justice, women’s rights and world disarmament. The Lansbury Estate in Poplar is named after him. It was built as part of the 1951 Festival of Britain, as an example of ‘housing for the people’ after the Second World War.The Trust organizes an annual George Lansbury Memorial Lecture and other events.

On this site you will find details of events planned by the Trust  and can contact members of the Trust with your questions, suggestions etc. 

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